What Are the Biggest Risks to Employee Safety?

As an employer, it’s your job to make sure that employees are protected in the workplace. But sometimes it is hard to guess at all of the safety hazards your employees might be facing. Here are a few of the biggest risks to employee safety that you should be aware of.

Hazardous Substances 

One big risk that employees may face is from hazardous substances. Most workplaces may have at least some of these substances, so it is important that you know which hazardous materials are in your specific workplace. The common types of hazardous materials include chemicals, biological hazards, and nuclear hazards. If you have any of these in your business, make sure that they are marked appropriately. It will also help to give your employees regular training on how to handle such substances and what to do if they notice a problem.

Machine Injuries 

Machines are another workplace element that is likely to lead to an injury or safety issue. While every machine may have the potential to cause an injury, there are certain machines and certain parts of machines that are more likely to lead to a problem than others. Also, you should be aware of pinch points on a machine where injuries are most likely to happen. Make sure that you carefully instruct all employees on how to use machinery safely and give them the gear they need to be safe as they operate the machinery or especially work around it.

Transportation Issues 

If transportation is a regular part of the work your employees do, there is a definite risk of injury. Make sure that all of your employees who drive for their work are regularly taught about safety issues on the road and how to avoid them. It can also help to include safety policies for your workplace that relate specifically to driving. Sponsoring training for all employees who will be driving for business purposes can help you to ensure that your employees have the defensive driving skills they need to be successful and safe on the road.


Your employees deserve to be safe at work, and you deserve to be largely stress-free from the problems a workplace injury can cause. It may take some assessment and training to make your business safer, but it is worth the effort. Make safety a priority and stay informed of any and all risks your employees may be facing.

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