Measures You Can Take to Strengthen Safety Protocols at Your Business

The safety of your employees and customers should be of top priority to you as a business owner. Any harm or injury sustained on your property or through your business becomes your responsibility! There are measures you can take to help strengthen the safety protocols of your business, thereby preventing such harm and injury and protecting you and your business.

Train Employees Better

Start by training your employees thoroughly and diligently. This should be your first process upon any new hire; additionally, you may consider requiring a refresher training course annually (or as frequently as you see fit.) Online safety training courses are quick, effective, detailed, and can be done remotely and at the employee’s own pace—this may be a perfect medium for your needs, whatever field your business may be in! This kind of training should be supplemented with in-person, on-the-job training that will demonstrate safe procedures in practice rather than in theory. Make sure that, regardless of the format of your training, you emphasize the reasons for each protocol. The more relevance your employees feel to the “why” of an action, the more they will stick to it!

Perform Safety Inspections

You should perform safety inspections of your facilities, manufacturing or servicing processes, and general workplace practices, as often as necessary (but at least every couple months!) An inspection helps determine the effectiveness of your health procedures in the workplace. Highlight any potentially hazardous areas and review what protocols are in place to address those issues. As you conduct these safety inspections, take advantage of the opportunity to improve the efficiency of your workplace as well! You may also want to ask your employees who are on the frontlines of your business, what kinds of changes they believe would help improve the safety and wellness of themselves and your customers. They have valuable insight that shouldn’t be underappreciated.

Implement Routine Procedures

Make safety feel habitual. Implement routine procedures designed to protect all involved with any business operation. These kinds of practices will differ depending on the needs of your business, but the overall effect should be that your employees are consistently aware of the potential dangers they are working with and are actively taking precautions with those dangers in mind. Fire drills, always working with a partner, proper gear and attire… any of these things should become an obvious and consistent part of your workers’ processes.

Maintain the safety of your employees and customers by taking the necessary measures to protect them! They (and you) will be grateful for the increased confidence in their well being while under your supervision.

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