How to Know What Risks Exist in Your Workplace

Are you aware of all of the safety risks that exist in your workplace? It is very important to be aware of hazards, as they can affect the productivity of your team, your employee retention rate, and hiring process. Here are a few ways to be more aware of the risks that surround your employees in your office, warehouse, or construction site.

Conduct Inspections

One of the first things that you should do when you’re trying to identify workplace risks is to conduct inspections. It can be very helpful to conduct safety inspections personally, so you get a hands-on idea of what your employees are experiencing in your workplace on a daily basis. If you feel that you aren’t qualified enough to perform a thorough and adequate safety inspection by yourself, hire an inspector to tour the workplace with you. There are many different safety inspectors that specialize in different areas, so make sure that you find an inspector that will be able to understand the different risks specific to your business processes.

Do a Complete Analysis

Once you have performed a thorough inspection, you need to take the time to do a complete job safety analysis of your findings. A job safety analysis identifies dangers related to workplace tasks. To do this, go back through all of the risks that you observed in your inspection and analyze the potential danger or harm that could come to your employees as a result of those risky situations. For this reason, it is very important to document your findings as you are performing an inspection.

Learn Preventative Measures

After having analyzed your inspection results and determined the biggest risks that could be present in your workplace, it is time to learn about preventative measures that will protect your employees from future risks. One great way to do this is by learning the best places to post emergency and risk information around your workplace. For example, if there is a certain job that some of your employees perform where they should be wearing protective clothing, make sure that you post signs about your policies regarding protective clothing, reminding them to suit up. Adding signs such as emergency exits and safety warning signs will help prevent future risks or injuries in your workplace.


While you are working to improve safety in your workplace, remember the steps that have been discussed in this article. As you work your way through each of these steps, you’ll be a lot more aware of the safety risks that are present in your workplace. Remember to implement each of these ideas according to your specific needs and risks, and you’ll help to make your workplace a much safer place.

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