What To Do If You Feel You Are Having A Heart Attack?

Everyone should know what to do if you are having a heart attack. What you know, and your ability to execute it may very well save your life. If you want to be better prepared in a heart attack situation, get CPR training. Obviously, you cannot apply this procedure to yourself, but you could use it to save someone else. When performed correctly, this training will keep the blood pumping in order to sustain life. It is good for any adult to be trained in CPR. Nevertheless, there are things you can do if you feel a heart attack coming on.

Heart Attack Symptoms                                       

It is important that you are aware of the heart attack symptoms you may face. Keep in mind that you may feel some of these, all of these or only one of these symptoms. If you feel like someone is standing on your chest, this crushing feeling could definitely indicate a heart attack. You may also be disturbed by pain shooting through your left arm. This pain could penetrate all the way to your jaw. You may feel nauseated or feel short of breath. There are other mild symptoms that may occur as well. You can learn more information through a CPR training class.

Having a Heart Attack: What Should You Do First

You or someone should immediately call 911 and get professional help on the way fast. The next thing you can do is take an aspirin. It is essential that you chew it prior to swallowing it. This action can keep a blood clot from growing. At this point, you should lay down into a comfortable position and reduce the stress on your heart. Get as much clean oxygen as you can. It will be very helpful if someone in the vicinity has certified CPR training. During a heart attack, time is crucial. The faster you receive professional help the better.

Beware of the Risk Factors

Age does not always determine if a person will have a heart attack or not. If you are overweight you are at risk. If you smoke you are at risk. Those being treated for high blood pressure or cholesterol are also contributing to the risk factors. Lack of exercise or any type of physical assertion can lead to a heart attack. Be prepared. Consider pursuing CPR training with members of your family. Follow the steps listed above and you will know what to do if you feel you are having a heart attack.

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