3 Strategies for Making Your Workplace Safer

Across all industries, over 5,000 work-related deaths occurred in the United States during 2017. Work-related incidents have become commonplace in this day and age. It is important to implement strategies to cultivate a workplace that is as safe as it is productive. Here are some strategies to implement to ensure your employees are safe on the job.

Create and Enforce Safety Policies

The first step in creating a safe work environment is to develop and implement policies for workers to follow. However, creating rules is not enough. Policies that are not properly enforced do no good for the well-being of your employees. As the employer, you must be vigilant, making sure to communicate with your employees and ensuring that they are not only aware of safety policies but they are also abiding by them.

Make Sure All Employees Are Trained

Employees need to be properly trained to follow safety protocols. Be sure to keep an accessible list of written guidelines in the workplace for employees to refer to. While some of these instructions—such as how to properly lift heavy items or remembering to wear goggles—may be common knowledge, there are more complex topics that should be addressed too. For instance, make sure all of your employees are familiar with the hazard symbols on chemicals. It is important to have this information somewhere readily accessible, so they can be cited before or during procedures.

Investigate Incidents

No matter how thorough a company is when it comes to enforcing policies and training employees to learn them, an unfortunate accident is not always avoidable. This is why it is important to investigate workplace accidents as soon as they happen to prevent recurring problems or an even more severe issue from occurring in the future. Be sure to keep a comprehensive record of any incidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) encourages employers to follow a four-step procedure when implementing incident investigations.

A safe workplace is the foundation of a thriving business. Although accidents can happen, it’s up to you to ensure the safety of your employees. By upholding workplace safety standards, coming up with useful policies, training employees to abide by those policies, and investigating workplace incidents no matter how big or small they are, it is possible to reduce the occurrence of stressful and easily avoidable incidents.

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